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Author: Nick Thomas

Wanjuschko Velimirov

Born and raised in Vienna, Austria, Wanjuschko spent the better part of his childhood drawing. It was only after poring over a random tattoo magazine on a long train journey that he first felt the desire to make tattoos. Wanja’s style is unique and his approach to tattooing all starts with a great drawing. He literally spends days on each one, perfecting the lines and contrast, ensuring that each piece will work perfectly with the form of the body and will stand the test of...

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Warren Petersen

With a degree in Fine Art Illustration, majoring in Painting, Warren has been drawing and painting for as long as he can remember. His passion for illustrating characters and portraits reflects in a tattoo style that echoes illustrative technique with a realistic quality. This unique style allows for a diversity of solid black and grey, as well as powerful full colour pieces, with flowing compositions that compliment the shape and form of the...

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Kaptain Cade

Originally from Durban – where he worked at Electric Eye Tattoos – Kaptain Cade (A.K.A: Jase) is a tattooer with roots in graffiti and graphic design. Jase started collecting tattoos at an early age, but had no intention of ever becoming a tattooer. Being the avid collector, he was always hanging out in tattoo shops owned by friends and drawing tattoos for them until the day came where he was told he should learn to make tattoos himself. Nowadays he can’t think of doing anything else. Jase has a passion for script and specialises in Western Traditional and Neo-traditional...

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Lee Herbert

Cape Town born and bred, Lee has been tattooing since early 2005, working to the best of his ability to ensure that the tattoos he creates get all the time and respect they deserve. He enjoys making tattoos that are both beautiful to look at and that work perfectly with the shape and form of the body. Although a highly competent artist in many creative mediums, Lee chooses to keep himself busy doing black and grey illustrative and realistic...

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